Saturday, 11 October 2014

Onaiwo izvi

Interruption-Apologies- Copyright infringement of this blog

Copyright infringement:

Please find list of websites reported for infringing CopyRight laws by copying content from this blog and reposting onto their own pages.

18 have already been contacted by their publishers including Facebook, and asked to removed all unlawful content. Those of .com or are interesting because their publishers FaceBook or other are subject to heavy fines.

This list only lists those which have not removed content in four days of being notified. We remove any list item belonging to you if you remove the content or your publisher shuts you down for fear of being fined.

It is normal protocol to ask for permission before posting on your own site.
For each of these, the following report form has been filled in for FaceBook

List ye vacharhipotiwa kuFaceBook vhiki ino


Anything posted without permission is reported on this address

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